Designed by Michael Ko for Koplus, Netherlands. Dynamic, young, and fun to sit; simple, easy, and versatile to use. With Switch, comfort is natural. Work swiftly through your day with an added touch of joy in the office.


Active Back
The innovative technological material ABT™ is a unique compound material that flexes along the curve of the user’s back. Whilst it is soft and flexible, it is supportive at the same time. The production of ABT™ seamlessly fuses both supportive (frame) and flexible (inner back) materials without using glue or other binding agents. For that reason, the ABT™ back is durable, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable.

Auto Balance
Searching for a simpler way to sit and work in comfort, we designed a self-regulating mechanism that auto-balances itself to match you. Anyone can sit on the Switch and experience the optimal seating comfort immediately.

Train Smarter
Train smarter with nesting Switch!
With a simple flip and roll, you can effortlessly transform any space into a multi-purpose area.

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