The OM5 Executive Chair offers the latest in ergonomic design and comfort. The OM5 has no levers or manual adjustments; it naturally contours to your body and maintains your posture as you change from sitting upright to a more relaxed laid back (reclined) position without having to use adjustments levers.​


Body Activated Motion

Also known as BAM! OM5’s patented recline action has the backrest and seat working in unison so that the backrest is a lever for pushing your body’s weight “uphill”, removing the need for manual tension adjustment.

Variable Back Resistance

Work at your desk, and get great, firm lower back support. Lean fully into the backrest, and as your shoulder makes contact with the backrest, instantly recline – and pause – as you wish!

On Board Ganging Device

Easy to use, hard to lose. Innovative OM5 Active gangers are built into every Active Guest, Stacker and Cafe model. They are good for maintaining spacing between chairs with and without arms.

Subtlety Matters

And when it comes to our articulating top, OM5 Active has a little extra motion that is the difference between fidget and productive!


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