Linea Uno

Linea Uno executive collection combined a hard-working space with luxurious and sophisticated finishes that send a message. Designed by BAFCO’s own chairman, and manufactured by our own craftsmen, Linea Uno is made to match your style and personality. A one of a kind, exclusive design based on your veneer choices, lacquered details and modern nanotech worksurface.


Linea Uno high-end executive office furniture combines the sheer elegance of natural wood veneers from Austria with a manufacturing precision of artisan lacquering technique to create a strong and lasting first impression for your top management executive suites. Precious wood veneers and Italian Nanotec combines a careful selection of materials to play in harmony and contrasts the surfaces using the latest anti-microbial, anti-scratch surfaces called Italy.

  • A complete system that can deliver presidential top management desking and boardroom solutions.

  • Choose from Linea Uno’s woodgrain natural wood veneer, with a matching Nanotec finish from Italy

  • The combination of natural wood grains and the contrasting high-gloss lacquered legs makes a distinct first impression.

  • Long boardroom tables, small meetings, and executive desks compose the product line

  • A great advantage of Linea Uno is that the major components are locally manufactured in BAFCO Facility in the UAE, this means you have the advantage of options, speed and quality using the finest European raw materials, and are proudly made in the UAE.

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