Konnect is a panel-based and freestanding system of aluminum structure. The complete range of panel and screen partitions, freestanding desks, and storage options makes Konnect a desired product for functionally efficient office on a strict budget. Konnect system furniture is a stylish, affordable and versatile panel, screen and freestanding system designed to meet the changing needs of growing businesses. It offers infinite solutions — defining and shaping workspaces to support the diverse demands of different individuals, activities and organizations. With all the essentials — partitions, desks and storage — Konnect is one of the most versatile product line designed to meet an organization’s needs. It can provide furniture solutions for open-plan, semi-private and even highly enclosed workplaces.


  • ISO 14001 Certified.

  • Konnect bench-type desks are ideal for open space aesthetics. It is highly recommended for highly collaborative teams. Available in modular standard units that can be combined for multiple desk configurations. There are two type of screen partition options that also functions as mounts for organizational accessories.


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