Konnect is a panel-based and freestanding system of aluminum structure. The complete range of panel and screen partitions, freestanding desks, and storage options makes Konnect a desired product for functionally efficient office on a strict budget. Konnect system furniture is a stylish, affordable and versatile panel, screen and freestanding system designed to meet the changing needs of growing businesses. It offers infinite solutions — defining and shaping workspaces to support the diverse demands of different individuals, activities and organizations. With all the essentials — partitions, desks and storage — Konnect is one of the most versatile product line designed to meet an organization’s needs. It can provide furniture solutions for open-plan, semi-private and even highly enclosed workplaces.


Konnect is a flexible, environment and budget-friendly system furniture, which allows you to complete your office environment without sacrificing quality, privacy or beauty. Its simplicity and flexibility aim to keep your long-term costs low.

  • Aluminium raceway covers hinge upward and lock in place, or can easily be removed providing open access and better protection, for power and data in the base of the panel.
  • The flexibility of using the same components either as a panel-based system or freestanding open plan benching systems, so you can combine both the privacy-oriented departments and more open-plan environment using the same product and design line.
  • Increase visibility and collaboration by using lower panels to increase natural light.
  • Panels are available in monolithic or single segmented.
  • Universal corner posts, quick connect panel hooks, full-to-floor end trims, top caps integrated into panel frame.
  • ISO 140001 Environmental Management System Certified.
  • 3-year warranty

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