Design by Rita Cruz & Guialmi Design Team from Portugal. In-Motion sofa system is a collection of contemporary modular sofa units for breakout areas and for working spaces – that can be combined to create dynamic and unique layouts suitable for busy workspaces, both private and public.


In.Motion concept is based on modern society culture, marked by the continuous need of versatile objects and spaces that are changing with life’s rhythm. The collection design was inspired by the world’s dynamic. The flexibility and creativity of In_Motion make the concept of adaptability to different scenarios and needs became a reality.

Besides the different models of sofas, In.Motion range also comprehends a series of accessories, like work tables for laptops or tablets, power and cable management units, lighting and upholstered side tables. Both sofas and accessories are combined to allow for the user to decide on the kind of task they will be performing, if concentrating alone and outside the open-space bench area, if having an informal meeting, or discussing and brainstorming or finally just relaxing.

Design by Rita Cruz & Guialmi Design Team from Portugal.
Lead Time is 8-10 Weeks.