Cinema Piano VMT

A new generation of enhanced sound absorbers with extramely high sound absorption rating.


The new Cinema Piano VMT panel is the standard absorber of the Cinema family, being the least thick, 60mm thickness, results in a good absorption capacity.
With the combination of the 3 Cinema panels you can create several 3D surfaces, with endless creativity design options. Furthermore, these panels are mostly made of recycled materials, in agreement with Vicoustic’s sustainability compromise. The Cinema line of products is available in 6 different finishes and, since it was developed with VMT technology, the panels have the possibility to be customized.

Compatible with VicFix J profile fixation system, the panels can also be installed in the corners acting as a broadband Bass Trap, with enhanced performance in the low region.
The FR (Fire Rated) version was developed to fit the high standard requirements of Architectural Projects in Public Spaces and Workspaces, since it uses exclusively VicPET Wool, MDF and Lacquered Steel, using VicFix J profile fixation system.

Dimensions: 595x595x60mm
Raw Material: VicPET Wool, ViCycle, MDF and Lacquered Steel (Non FR Version); VicPET Wool, MDF and Lacquered Steel (FR Version)
Scratch Resistance: yes
Washable: yes

Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency Range: Broadband Absorber
NRC: 0.95 (Non FR version) / 0.85 (FR Version)

Packaging Information
Units/Box: 2
Box Gross Weight: 10Kg