Bodyflex is envisioned a simple chair that understands and responds to the needs of the user automatically. A winner of the international Red Dot Design Award, the Bodyflex chair utilises innovative materials and designs to actively support you throughout the workday.


Active Back

The innovative technological material ABT™ is a unique compound material that flexes along the curve of the user’s back. Whilst it is soft and flexible, it is supportive at the same time. The production of ABT™ seamlessly fuses both supportive (frame) and flexible (inner back) materials without using glue or other binding agents. For that reason, the ABT™ back is durable, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable.

The SIM (Self Inclined Mechanism) guides your body to the ideal sitting position which brings maximum support to the user’s back. It operates constantly while you work and move through various work postures. The SIM proactively assists users and supports their bodyweight and back while sitting in and out of the Bodyflex.

Natural Flex
Bodyflex is designed to mimic the user’s movements. The 19 degrees natural flex resolves the lack of support that conventional office chairs have towards the user’s lower back. As the user leans back, instead of remaining static, Bodyflex tilts along with the movement and pushes its lower back support inwards to match the human body’s natural curves.

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