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Range Description

The M/Connect USB 3.0, dual-video docking station is a unique innovation that merges ergonomics and technology. Available with Humanscale’s M2, M8, and M/Flex monitor arms, M/Connect gives easy access to user ports and conceals IT ports to eliminate cable clutter. M/Connect is a total workspace solution that enhances the computing experience.

About M/Connect
M/Connect improves comfort, health, and productivity while offering instant use of all devices through DisplayLink®’s universal Plug and Display™ connection. M/Connect is at the heart of the effortlessly connected, active workspace.

Designed by Humanscale Design Team
Manufactured by Humanscale, USA
On Project Basis. Not Available in Stock.
On Project Basis. Not Available in Stock.
Key Features

Space Saving
M/Connect’s USB hub resides on the desktop while the dock resides below the desk surface. The majority of cables are connected under the desk, providing a clean look and instant accessibility to high-speed charging ports.

3 Displays, One Simple Connection

At only 2.3kg (4.98 lbs.), M/Connect’s aluminium and steel construction can support up to 18kg (40 lbs.) of monitor equipment – two external monitors plus laptop display. M/Connect also supports display adapters, which can be purchased separately to support additional external displays.

Prevents Dock “Walk-Away”
Unlike traditional USB docks, M/Connect facilitates one-handed port access – which means the dock won’t slide backward and fall off the desktop!

“The traditional office has been changing. People are coming and going, plugging in who-knows-how-many devices into a preset workstation, and expecting everything to work seamlessly. That’s the requirement.” – Robert Volek, Designer

The Humanscale Design Team reimagined the impractical, stand-alone USB docking station that induces cable clutter with a sleek, efficient, and more accessible docking solution that eliminates cable clutter. M/Connect, like all Humanscale products, was designed with a focus on purpose, function, and ergonomics. The result is a unique, all-in-one monitor arm base and USB 3.0, dual-video docking station designed to support workers in an active, adaptive workspace.

Finish Options
  • Polished aluminium with white trim and cables
  • Silver with grey trim and cables
  • Black with black trim and cables
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