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Range Description

Genidia is a new concept office chair that combines humanity, ergonomics, and technology with a poetic touch. Its cutting edge aesthetics, breakthrough bonding design and interactive sitting posture care engineering; will spearhead trends of office chair development in the foreseeable future.

Slim and Sleek Style
Its twisted structure optimizes strength allowing it to create a consistent thin edge throughout the entire frame. A custom integrated mechanism offers many areas of adjustment without disrupting the chair's flow.
Key Features

Sitting Posture Warning Device

Genidia is the first and only chair with “Sitting Posture Warning” Device. This system can help users to correct their sitting posture, allowing them to be seated healthier. After turning on the device, if the user has an incorrect sitting posture more than a minute, the device will be activated to alert the user.
  • Sitting Posture Warning Device add-on is also available.
  • Mesh is made from elastomeric polyester mesh.
  • Seat Frame, headrest is made of Nylon.
  • Back Frame is made of combination of Nylon and TPR.
  • 4D armrest is made from plastic, aluminum, metal and polyurethane.
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