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Sustainable Workplaces

Going Green Is Better Business

Sustainability is today’s corporate buzzword. Going green makes a lot of business sense. A workspace flooded with natural light helps increase productivity. It gets creative juices flowing. People stay focused longer. And that’s not all. Consider a 25% saving on energy bills! Sustainable offices are far cheaper to run. Does that sound far-fetched? It’s not.

Government guidelines in the UAE, the UK and the US confirm it. They are already under pressure to adhere to the LEED guidelines. The private sector is following suit. Many companies won’t do business with organisations that are not doing their bit for the environment.

Creating Sustainable Workspaces

Here’s how it works. First, we come in for a survey. We measure your office’s potential for sustainability against LEED standards. Then, we create exciting new designs for a sustainable, LEED-friendly office.

Finally, we come back to install the green design you choose. We even reuse and recycle the old material.

That’s all it takes. Afterwards, you can relax, carry on doing what you do best, and watch your energy bills come down.

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