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Office Design and Build

We do things differently

Traditionally, an office design and fit out involves managing and coordinating umpteen sub-contractors. It’s a nightmare. First, you’ve got to find all the right people. Then, the juggling act begins. One contractor can’t start work until the other finishes. Each one has a slightly different take on your design. Sometimes, they just can’t get along. It’s all time and money down the drain. We do things differently.


We define, we design, we deliver

We do everything from workplace appraisals and design to implementation and beyond – and you only need one dedicated contact for the whole process. No random suppliers here there and everywhere to keep track of. No conflicting timelines or fluctuating costs. Everything is under one roof and one budget – yours.


Think of us as your one-stop-shop

Our teams work around each other, instead of taking turns on site. And because we use our own people, we can make sure your design isn’t diluted along the way.

Best of all, your project manager will take personal responsibility for every part of the project. They’ll handle the hiccups. They’ll sort out any snags. So the buck stops with us.

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Hotline: 800-BAFCO (22326)

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