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Ergonomic Consultancy

Ergonomic Consultancy

Simple changes make a big difference. Like improving workstation ergonomics. We – BAFCO Consulting – can help you. Let us apply some simple ergonomic principles. Implementing them will give you a practical solution. We’ll convert your workspace. Make it an ergonomic retreat. Sound good?

It gets better. The science of ergonomics can change lives. Applying it is easy. We’ll show you how. Your workspace will be safer. You will be more comfortable. It all does wonders for productivity.


Workplace ErgonomicsCorporate
Our workspace accessories is award-winning. They make any workplace healthier and more comfortable. From start-ups to the Fortune 500’s, organisations love us.

We care for the caregivers. They work with latest clinical technology. Our ergonomic solutions fit right in. They need to be comfortable, too.
This is perfect for hotels hosting business travellers. The design and performance transforms the guest room. Voila! There’s an office away from the office.
Home Office
Our solutions are not just for the “office”. Bring BAFCO home. Make your home office more ergonomic. Relax while you work. You are at home.


Quick Ergonomic Guide

Use these guidelines to maintain a healthy posture. Get the most out of your ergonomic investment.
Components of a Healthy Workspace

Five must-have items for a fully ergonomic workstation. They work together to promote comfort and health. They minimise the risk of pain. They reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. They cut down indoor air pollution.

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